High Volume Triple Recycling Set – also available in Red, Blue and Yellow Combination.

High volume traffic recycling bin set – 210 litre total capacity



Now available in extra large lid openings – ideal for large popcorn and other food containers.

If ordering online, specify the colour combination on web order page.

A stylish “brushed Stainless steel” triple recycling bin set comprised of a 70 litre general waste with red top and red general waste markings, a 70 litre recycling bin with yellow top and yellow markings, plus a blue paper only 70 litre recycling bin.

Ideal for high volume traffic areas as the total capacity for the bins in the triple recycling set is 210 litres.

These bins offer great flexibility for your business as the bins are not joined and can easily be moved about to suit traffic at any particular time of day.

The elegant design and appearance of this stainless steel set is really something special as well as being extremely practical.

Comes complete with metal inner liners and our bag catcher design, and compliments any foyer, office or showroom.

The attractive brushed 304 grade stainless steel prevents unsightly finger marks from spoiling the look of the bins.

Inner Diameter: 29 cm

Capacity: 70 litre per metal inner liner (total capacity 210 litres) Dims : 390 mm Dia 830 mm H

Also Available: High volume traffic recycling bin set – red and yellow bins – 140 litre total capacity

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 83 cm